Incast Media Network, LLC is a Virginia based podcast and multimedia network focused on providing great content to hundreds of people around the world as well as podcast consulting services.  Content is focused on fun, positive, and community driven programming that drives value to its listeners through meaningful messaging and creativity.

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A Message from Alex

Thanks for stopping by Incast! My goal with this network is to provide quality media for your entertainment and value. Some things you should know about me and the projects I persue:

  • I strive to create positive, uplifting content and an inclusive atmosphere for listeners.
  • I'm an avid gamer and I regularly stream content on my Twitch channel.
  • A passion of mine is being a dad.  To celebrate this, I've created The Dad Chronicle.
  • I've dealt with health issues and anxiety for most of my life.  I'm in the midst of creating a project to share valuable insight into how I deal with a lot of this.  Stay tuned.
  • I'm always open to doing voice over work and providing consultation.  Feel free to email me directly:

Thanks for listening and thanks for your patronage! Please reach out to me directly if theres ever anything specific you'd like to hear.