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America’s Next Top Podcaster

America’s Next Top Podcaster is part game-show, part-podcasting how-to, all wrapped up in a Reality Show shell.

We’ll start with 12 contestants, and each week, we’ll give them a podcasting challenge. Things like creating a 5-minute show of a certain genre, or conducting or editing an interview. Each week, their creations will be reviewed by our team of judges, Scott Johnson, Nicole Spagnuolo and Justin Robert Young: Three long-time podcasters with nearly 40 years of podcasting and content-creation experience between them. The contestants will also have access to a consultant in Tom Merritt, who will use his own experience to help guide them to a successful creation. On top of that is Brian Ibbott, a host who has been both a podcaster and a fan of reality shows since both were invented!

Behind the scenes, we’ve got Hammond Chamberlain, who has been creating and editing content for years, and our music is written and performed by Andrew Allen, who has released five albums, and will also be lending his expertise to the winner’s podcast theme!

Alex Albisu was one of the contestants on Season 1 and won 2nd place overall. You catch him doing some of the interviews now for the show!